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Joker In The Pack


Opera House Casino has a surprise waiting for you on 31st March and 1st april!

All you have to do is play our live blackjack tables and if you’re dealt the joker in the pack… you’ll win!

So if you want to have the last laugh… join in the fun and see if you can find the joker in the pack.



Terms & Conditions
1. The promotion will run on all Black Jack tables on Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April from 16.00 to 06.00.
2. Two additional cards will be added to the deck at the commencement of play – these cards will be a Joker.
3. If a player’s hand is dealt the Joker at any point during the game, the player will be paid a one off bonus equal to their original stake.
4. As per normal procedure, 2 cards are dealt to all boxes in play. If one of these 2 cards is a joker then it will immediately be replaced with another card to constitute the initial deal.
5. The bonus will be paid at this time and the Joker will be removed to the discard and the game will continue as normal.
6. If the joker is drawn when a hand is split, or if the player doubles down, the hand will be dealt with in the manner described above.
7. On any occasion that the dealer draws the Joker, it will have no value and will be placed in the discard and another card will be drawn.
8. In the event of a mis-deal the Joker shall become void.
9. Bonus payments are capped at £20.
10. Management reserves the right to cancel or change the promotion at any time without notice.
11. Management reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions at any time without notice.
12. Management’s decision is final.
13. Opera House Casino employees and their immediate relatives are prohibited from participating in this promotion.

Management reserves the right to change or withdraw offers / events at any time