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Our Responsibilities

Responsible Gaming

Increasingly, gambling in all its forms is a pastime enjoyed as part of the broad offer from the leisure and entertainment sector. Over 70 per cent of adults in the UK enjoy some form of gambling, including lotteries, Poker, football pools, horse racing, bingo and casinos. Gambling is now also widely available online and on tens of millions of portable internet devices, like smart phones, laptops and tablets. For the overwhelming majority of people gambling is an exciting and pleasurable pastime.

How to get help

We are committed to training our staff to look for problems and to encourage people who may have a problem to seek help. We provide leaflets and display notices prominently in our casino to encourage responsible gambling.

If you have difficulty controlling your gambling, or someone close to you has a problem, you can get confidential one-to-one advice by calling the GamCare Helpline free on 0808 8020 133 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

Voluntary Self Exclusion (VSE)

How it works

One way of helping to control a gambling problem is by keeping away from gambling premises. Like many other gambling companies, Opera House Casino operates a Voluntary Self Exclusion scheme (VSE) intended to help individuals who believe they have difficulty in gambling responsibly and for whom gambling has become a problem.

We won’t accept you on the VSE scheme if you are simply unhappy with some aspect of our service, have been unlucky, or have some other complaint; we have other mechanisms to deal with those issues.

By joining the VSE you are saying you have a problem controlling your gambling.


The UK casino industry recently introduced a national VSE scheme called SENSE which is operated by the industry’s trade body, the National Casino Forum (NCF). SENSE stands for Self-Enrolment National Self Exclusion and is the first such scheme in the UK. If you want to exclude from all other gambling premises, like bookmakers, in your local area, you may need to join similar VSE schemes operated by other parts of the gambling industry.

The SENSE scheme operates by requiring you to enter into an agreement with the NCF that you will not attempt to enter any UK casinos. On our part, we agree to use our best endeavours to prevent your entry into our casino.

The primary responsibility for compliance with a VSE agreement rests with you.


It is important to understand that entering into VSE has some consequences, such as not being able to enter ANY casino in the UK even if you only want to use the bars or restaurants with friends. The scheme should not be used to help you manage a budget: you should do that by personally restricting your visits, your level of spend, or your facilities at our casino Cashdesk.

VSEs are applicable UK wide for a minimum period of six months. A VSE remains in place until affirmative action is taken by you to ask for removal.


Re-admittance to our casino is not permitted until 24 hours after the self-imposed exclusion period has elapsed and only then if you are able to confirm to our management that you have properly considered your decision to access our facilities again. If you apply to re-enter before the end of a VSE period you will be refused.


We try to make it as easy as possible for you to access the VSE scheme and will always listen carefully and sympathetically to any problem you may have with your gambling at Opera House Casino.

You can join the national VSE scheme:

  • In person

Most people decide they want to join SENSE while actually on casino premises. The scheme will be explained to you and you will be asked whether you understand it. If we don’t think you understand the scheme or if you give reasons for wanting to join the scheme which are inappropriate, we reserve the right not to enrol you into the scheme.

If we accept your request, you will be asked to have your photograph taken, supply up to date personal details (such as your address), prove your identity and electronically sign the agreement.

  • By written communication

We are happy to accept written communications, letter or email, but we may have to contact you to obtain details and a photograph if we don’t already have one.

  • By a telephone call

The Company will accept a verbal VSE request and we will acknowledge any verbal request in writing but will need full personal details; your signature and a photograph to confirm your request.

  • Third party requests

Relatives or friends with bona fide concerns sometimes contact the company and claim that a friend or relative has problems with their gambling. These are difficult matters to deal with because of the issues of confidentiality and data protection that arise and, occasionally, such third party contacts can be mischievous or based on motivations unconnected with a person’s gambling.

The Company will always treat such approaches sympathetically and on their individual merits. We will generally speak to the customer concerned to try, independently, to determine if the referral is genuine and whether a problem exists.

We are bound by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our obligation is to ensure the privacy of our customers, consequently we are unable give out information to third parties.

Breaching a VSE - The Consequences

If you have entered the VSE scheme and subsequently gain entry we will ask you to leave and you may be escorted off site. To discourage breaches of the VSE scheme, we will not return any gambling losses, stakes or winnings, as defined in the VSE agreement and the Rules of The Casino. If a person persistently contravenes any of our rules, including breaching a VSE, it may lead to a barring being issued.

Social Responsibility

We take a committed approach to social responsibility. We want our customers to enjoy our facilities, to feel safe and to exercise self-control. If any of the following cause you concern, please contact a member of staff.

Responsible Gaming

If you are experiencing problems with gambling please take action -

  • Speak to a manager for advice and details of our self-exclusion programme
  • Pick up a “Knowing When To Stop” leaflet
  • Contact Gamcare on 0808 802 0133 or

Protection For The Young - Challenge 21

  • Only those 18 years or over can legally enter these premises
  • If you look under 21 years you will be asked to prove your age
  • If challenged, please do not be offended

Zero Tolerance - Unacceptable Behaviour

We will always -

  • Intervene to stop abuse, threats and violence
  • Remove and bar those responsible
  • Press the police for prosecution of those who assault or racially abuse staff
  • Remove those who become drunk and/or disorderly

Zero Tolerance – Alcohol & Drug Abuse

If you appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs you will be refused entry we will not serve you more alcohol if we think you have already had too much.

Where appropriate we will report to the authorities those in possession of illegal drugs.

Our CCTV surveillance is monitored for the protection of staff and customers alike - Please Gamble Responsibly