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Dive into the excitement of sports at our venue! Whether it's football, boxing, cricket, or more, we've got you covered with plenty of screens to suit your sporty needs. Enjoy every thrilling moment with us! 


April Football at Opera House Casino - Where Every Kick Matters!

Get ready for a month filled with football excitement as we bring you live coverage of the most anticipated matches throughout the pivotal football month of April with the Fa Cup semi-finals and Champions League Quarter-Finals happening this month! At Opera House Casino, we're your ultimate destination to catch every goal, save and thrilling moment on our big screens. Bring your friends, grab a seat and let the cheering begin!



1st Leicester v Norwich 12:30
  Stoke v Huddersfield 15:00
  Ipswich v Southampton 17:30
  Leeds v Hull 20:00
2nd Newcastle v Everton 19:30
  West Ham v Tottenham 20:15
3rd Arsenal v Luton 19:30
  Man City v Aston Villa 20:15
4th Liverpool v Sheffield Utd 19:30
  Chelsea v Man Utd 20:15
5th Rotherham Utd v Plymouth 20:00
6th Norwich v Ipswich 12:30
  Crystal Palace v Man City 12:30
  Brighton v Arsenal 17:00
7th Man Utd v Liverpool 15:30
  Peterborough v Wycombe 16:30
8th Tottenham v Notts Forest 20:00
9th Leeds v Sunderland 20:00
  Real Madrid v Man City 20:00
10th Hull v Middlesbrough 19:45
  Ipswich v Watford 19:45
11th Aston Villa v Lille 20:00
  Liverpool v Atalanta 20:00
  Plymouth v Leicester 20:00
13th Leeds v Blackburn 12:30
  Newcastle v Tottenham 12:30
  Bournemouth v Man Utd 17:30
14th Liverpool V Crystal Palace 14:00
  Arsenal v Aston Villa 16:30
15th Chelsea v Everton 20:00
16th Southampton v Preston 20:00
17th Bayern Munich v Arsenal 20:00
  Man City v Real Madrid 20:00
18th Lille v Aston Villa 17:45
  Atalanta v Liverpool 20:00
20th Man City v Chelsea 17:15
  Wolves v Arsenal 19:30
21st Coventry V Man Utd 15:30
  Fulham v Liverpool 16:30
22nd Middlesbrough v Leeds 20:00
  Arsenal v Chelsea 20:00
24th Everton v Liverpool 20:00
25th Brighton v Man City 20:00
27th West Ham v Liverpool 12:30
  Everton v Brentford 17:30
  Aston Villa v Chelsea 20:00
28th Tottenham v Arsenal 14:00
  Notts Forest v Man City 16:30



Unleashing Fury: Fury vs Usyk - Live on Our Screens!

Get ready for a knockout night of boxing as we bring you the highly anticipated clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, live on our screens on 18th May. The atmosphere will be electric, the punches fierce and the stakes higher than ever. 

Key Highlights:

  1. Live Action: witness every jab, hook and uppercut as two boxing titans face off in the ring. The intensity is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  2. Unmatched Atmosphere: immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of fight night. We've got the perfect setup for an unforgettable experience. 
  3. No booking required: join us hassle-free! No need to book in advance - just show up, grab a seat and enjoy the boxing spectacle. 

Don't miss out on the action! Mark your calendar, gather your friends, and join us for an night of boxing excitement. It's going to be a fight to remember!