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Texas Hold’em Poker is the main game played in UK Card Rooms and possibly the most widespread version of Poker in the world. Our tournaments are held every Monday and Thursday with various Poker events/competitions throughout the year.

All Poker events are now dealer dealt.

Complimentary hot and cold food is served at all our competitions.

Should you require further information or would like to arrange a private tournament, please email .



  • £10 Re-buy Competition
  • 1500 points
  • Unlimited Re-buys
  • Double add on's available at the end of the re buy period 3000 points. 


min. £1000 rolling guarantee with 25+ players!

Rolling Guarantee increased by £50 a week every time attendance is consecutively 25+ players.

  • £20 Double Chance
  • 5000 points
  • Cash game which starts approximately 10.00pm 

1st Thursday of the Month

  • 3-2-1 You're back in the game
  • Register for £30 receive 5,000 chips
  • Re-buy for £20 receive 6,000 chips 
  • Add on for £10 receive 7,000 chips 

A registration fee of minimum £5 or 10% of the entry fee is applicable for each of our competitions.

For all of the above competitions registration opens at 6.30pm until 7.15pm, with the competition starting 15mins after registration closes (7.30pm).

Early Bird Bonus Points – 500 for Unlimited Re-buys and 1500 for Limited Re-buys for every player registered, paid and in the Card Room ready to play at 7.30pm.

Late registration available until 9pm and there will be no chip penalty for late entry. Players can register for Poker, either at Cash Desk, in the Card Room, or telephone Reception.

During every competition there will be the facility to re-register for the competition. In order to re-register before the break, players must be completely knocked out of the competition. Re-registration will also incur a further £1 fee being paid for the Rolling Royal & Straight Flush Jackpot if the player wishes to qualify for this. Players will then be allocated a new seat number by the Supervisor of the Card Room.