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Special Tournaments

Throughout the rest of the year, we have some special poker tournaments. We have our festive poker tournaments on Monday 18th December and Monday 1st January 2024. Cash games will be available throughout the festive period. 



Texas Hold’em Poker is the main game played in UK Card Rooms and possibly the most widespread version of Poker in the world. Our tournaments are every Monday night, cash games on Thursday nights and Poker events/competitions throughout the year.

  • Registration from 6.30pm - 7.25pm
  • 1k early bonus chips if registered before 7.25pm
  • Competition starts 7.30pm
  • Late registration 7.30pm-8.30pm
  • Pre-registration available


1st Monday of the month

£25 Triple Chance      £2.50 Registration      7K Starting Stack      Re-entry


2nd Monday of the month

30-20-10      £3.00 Registration     5K Starting Stack, then 6K & 7K.     Re-entry


3rd Monday of the month

£30 Triple Chance      £3.00 Registration   8K Starting Stack.      Re-entry


4th Monday of the month

£50  Plus £25 Re-buy    £5.00 Registration     12K Starting Stack, 8K re-buy.

£20 10K top-up at the break (after re-buy only).     


5th Monday of the month

Special Competitions as follows:

29 JANUARY £30 Tripe Chance    

4 card PLO 

£30 Triple Chance

12k per £30

Competition starts at 7:30pm. Registration available from 6:30-7:25pm. 1K early bonus chips if registered before 7:25pm. Late registration from 7:30-8:30pm. 



Dealer Dealt Cash Games

£50 minimum sit-down

£1/£1 blinds

Due to limited places you must pre-register by calling 01723 357940



Saturday 24 February in aid of Alzheimer's Association 


Private Poker Packages