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Poker Updates: New Blinds Structure as of January 1st 

Changes have been made to our blinds structure, effective from the beginning of the year. Take a look at the changes below. 

Blinds Structure

1st Level: 100/100 20 Minute Round

2nd Level: 100/200 20 Minute Round

3rd Level: 100/300 20 Minute Round


4th Level: 200/400 400Ante 20 Minute Round

5th Level: 300/600 600Ante 20 Minute Round

6th Level: 400/800 800Ante 20 Minute Round

7th Level: 500/1000 1000Ante 20 Minute Round

8th Level: 800/1600 1600Ante 20 Minute Round


9th Level: 1000/2000 2000Ante 20 Minute Round

10th Level: 1500/3000 3000Ante 20 Minute Round

11th Level: 2000/4000 4000Ante 20 Minute Round

12th Level: 2500/5000 5000Ante 20 Minute Round


13th Level: 3000/6000 6000Ante 20 Minute Round

14th Level: 4000/8000 8000Ante 20 Minute Round

15th Level: 5000/10000 10000Ante 20 Minute Round

16th Level: 6000/12000 12000Ante 20 Minute Round

17th Level: 7000/146000 14000Ante 20 Minute Round

18th Level: 8000/16000 16000Ante 20 Minute Round


Texas Hold’em Poker is the main game played in UK Card Rooms and possibly the most widespread version of Poker in the world. Our tournaments are every Monday night, cash games on Thursday nights and Poker events/competitions throughout the year.

  • Registration from 6.30pm - 7.25pm
  • 1k early bonus chips if registered before 7.25pm
  • Competition starts 7.30pm
  • Late registration 7.30pm-8.30pm
  • Pre-registration available


1st Monday of the month

£25 Triple Chance      £2.50 Registration      7K Starting Stack      Re-entry


2nd Monday of the month

30-20-10      £3.00 Registration     5K Starting Stack, then 6K & 7K.     Re-entry


3rd Monday of the month

£30 Triple Chance      £3.00 Registration   8K Starting Stack.      Re-entry


4th Monday of the month

£80 Freezeout  £8 registration   28K starting stack   No re-entry available



5th Monday of the month

Special Competitions as follows:


Monday 29th July- Win the Button!




Dealer Dealt Cash Games

£50 minimum sit-down

£1/£1 blinds

Due to limited places you must pre-register by calling 01723 357940

Beginners Welcome!




10th July Pot-Limit Omaha £30 Triple Chance   

Our next pot-limit Omaha competition is on Wednesday 10th July. 

4 card PLO 

£30 Triple Chance

12k per £30

Competition starts at 7:30pm.

Registration available from 6:30-7:25pm. 1K early bonus chips if registered before 7:25pm.

Late registration from 7:30-8:30pm.

Beginners welcome!




Rennard Trophy



 Saturday 16th November - Charity Poker Tournament TBC

Private Poker Packages 

Elevate your poker experience with our Private Poker Packages! Book your exclusive sessions today, starting from only £20 per hour.  Our packages include cash games, double chance tournaments, freeze-out tournaments and unlimited rebuy tournaments. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to tailor your private poker event.