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Casino Conduct

The purpose of our Casino is to offer gaming, entertainment and refreshments to customers. We are committed to following the objectives set out by the Gambling Act 2005 and complying with conditions applied by Scarborough Borough Council.

The Casino will supply the details of how to play and information relating to the house edge for all games that are available to customers.

The provision and sale of alcohol on these premises is subject to the hours and conditions applied by the Premises Licence granted by Scarborough Borough Council.

Complaints as to the conduct of an employee may be reported to management but may not be the subject of personal reprimand by any customer.

We take a committed approach to social responsibility. We want our customers to enjoy our facilities, to feel safe and to exercise self-control. If at any point you require assistance with anything please speak to a member of staff.

If you are experiencing problems with gambling please take action by speaking to a Casino Manager. They are able to provide details of our self-exclusion programme, provide you with information and direct you to organisations that may be able to help.

Gamcare 0808 802 0133 or


Customer Conduct

Management reserve the right to ask any customer to cease using a mobile phone if they believe it to be distracting other customers or otherwise creating a security concern. No other electronic devices, whether used overtly or covertly, are allowed on the premises without the permission of management.

As previously mentioned we wish for our customers to enjoy their experience, we also expect our employees to feel safe at work therefore we will intervene to stop abuse, threats and violence. Any customers guilty of these actions will be removed and excluded from the premises. In instances where required we will always press the police for prosecution.

If customers appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs they will be refused entry. If we feel customers have had too much alcohol we will stop serving. Customers that become drunk or disorderly will be asked to leave. Where appropriate we will report to the authorities those in possession of illegal drugs.

Our CCTV surveillance is monitored for the protection of staff and customers