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Opera House Casino will be bringing you all the live Football and sports action throughout the summer on our 60" HD Plasma screens and giant HD screen in the Stalls Bar.


Sunday 1st 

Arsenal V Brighton (12pm)

Everton V Burnley (2.15pm)

Newcastle V Liverpool (4.30pm) 


Saturday 12th

Watford v Liverpool (12.30pm)

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City (5.30pm)


Thursday 5th 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifier 

England V Slovenia (7.45pm)


Sunday 18th 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifier 

Lithuania V England (5pm)


Saturday 14th 

Liverpool V Manchester United (12.30pm)

Watford V Arsenal (5.30pm)


Sunday 15th 

Derby V Nottingham Forest (1.15pm)

Southampton V Newcastle (4pm)


Monday 16th 

Leicester City V West Brom (5.30pm 


Tuesday 17th 

Champions League 

Maribor V Liverpool (7.45pm)

Manchester City B Napoli (7.45pm)


Wednesday 18th 

Champions League 

Benfica V Manchester united (7.45pm

Chelsea V Roma (7.45pm)


Thursday 19th 

UEFA Europa League Group Stage 

Crvena Zvezda V Arsenal (6pm)

Everton V Lyon (8.05pm)


Friday 20th

West Ham V Brighton & Hove (8pm)


Satuday 21st 

Southampton V West Brom (5.30pm)


Sunday 22nd 

Everton V Arsenal (1.30pm)

Tottenham v Liverpool (4pm)


Monday 23rd

Chelsea V Watford (8pm)


Friday 27th 

Leeds V Sheffield United (7.45pm)


Saturday 28th 

Manchester United V Tottenham (12.30pm)

Bournemouth V Chelsea (5.30pm)


Sunday 29th 

Brighton V Southampton (1.30pm)

Leicester V Everton (4pm)


Monday 30th 

Bunrley V Newcastle (8pm)


Tuesday 31st 

Champions League 

Manchester United V Benfica (7.45pm)

Roma V Chelsea (7.45pm) 



Wednesday 1st 

Champions League 

Liverpool v Maribor (7.45pm)

Napoli V Manchester City (7.45pm)






Management reserves the right to change or withdraw offers / events at any time